A Bit About Me

I grew up in Oregon on a grass seed farm. I love the smell of smoke, particularly field burning. My neighbors were my closest friends, and we would often play at our river, avoid skunk families, and climb tractor tires.
I am a “jack if all trades” type of person so I generally can do almost anything well, and nothing perfectly. My favorite college classes were flower arrangement, handbells, pottery, and transcription.
Coffee is one of my love languages, and wine, bread, and butter are all good too.
I married my husband when I was 32, and 5 years later he is still my favorite addition to my life. We have two boys in heaven, Christian and Titus.
We live in Alaska, and boy is it dark and cold in the winter! It’s a fairly fun state though with lots of available outdoor activities. I like snowshoeing and would like to do more of that this winter.
We are so excited to adopt There are so many things about adoption that people like to ask, but I don’t mind answering them. I feel encouraged when people ask about it, because it shows they care. Waiting is hard, and excitement wains sometimes, but being a family of 3 (or more) again is our hope.

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  1. Jenny, I love that you are so open to share yourself with others! I know God has plans to expand your family and he has a child in mind just for you. You have a strength I truly admire and such a kind heart, I too am looking forward to your adoption…you have so much love to give. I had 3 miscarriages myself and still have a hard time talking about them. I really think you telling your story and sharing your experiences has helped me heal and I want you to know I am truly grateful to you. Thank you.

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