About Me

Jenny Honrud

Passionate about adoption and life after infant loss, I’ve started recording my adoption journey. Providing encouragement as we are waiting with grace and gladness for our family to grow by adoption. Proactively staying healthy with Mary Kay skin care and Plexus supplements.

About Infant Loss

We lost our first son when I was just 18 weeks pregnant, and our second son was born with a rare chromosome disorder and passed away at two months old. Loosing the lives of our sons has helped shape and mold who I am and help me see the word in different more beautiful light. There was so much love and loss in a short period of time but God sustains me and he brought me through to where I am now. If you have experienced infant loss or a miscarriage, I’d love to chat.

About Adoption

After our emotional efforts to grow a family, we have decided to adopt. The wonderful gift of adoption that God has given us will be physically represented in our adoption of a child. There are so many great resources and different options for adoption, but I’ll be hoping to share more about the journey and not the means. If you are hoping to adopt, I hope my journey and adoption tips encourage you.

Why Mary Kay

I joined as a Mary Kay beauty consultant several years ago. I fell in love with the products and the visible results I was getting. Dealing with constant blemishes as an adult was embarrassing and the Mary Kay skin care helped prevent and lessen the length of the blemishes I did get. While I don’t have a bold makeup style, I love to help women find skin care that works for them and a cosmetics that fit their personalities. Explore more.

Why Plexus

After dealing with more gut and sleeplessness issues over the last few years, I was encouraged to try taking probiotics and supplements. Having a healthy body doesn’t just mean just eating well and exercising, and I found I feel better and sleep better after starting my regular supplements routine. I joined Plexus as an ambassador in early 2017 to receive the great wholesale discount. While I know different products work for different people, I love seeing people’s lives change because of their health improving. Explore more.