Intentional Living While Waiting to Adopt

I’ve been wondering lately, during the #adoptionwait, when the end of wait will look like. It’s kind of a little game I play in my head of “what if I got the call now” or “what if they called while I was doing such-and-such”. Of course from there I play out little scenarios of what I would do next. There are even times when I think, as we are praying about our wait that the call will come while we are praying. Oh, I wish it would come, and the wait would be over. But, I know this wait is simply waiting for God to move and for God to give us the child he has planned for us. It’s funny how the more I think about the call coming at any moment, the more motivated I am about keeping the house. But when I get down and frustrated with life, with waiting, and hope fades, I let the house get out of control more. I wanted to share with you a little worksheet that I found from a blogger that helps get you on a great routine for keeping your mind and your house better focused. I’ve found that #intentionalliving is so much more rewarding than just living moment to moment. I don’t know if you’ll find this worksheet helpful, but I really enjoyed it. Here is the gal, and you can find her @passionatepennypincher and navigate to the free printables from the link in her profile to get the Free Editable Spring Cleaning Checklist So, one more little plug. I love Mrs. Meyers stuff, and I wanted to share my affiliate link for Grove. Because well, I just got a ton of free stuff for placing an order with them, and if you use my link it won’t cost you a thing and I’ll get a discount on my next order. #grovecollaborative I find myself so much more at peace when I have a #clean home.

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