Mommy Wish List Making (or Dear Santa letter)

Help me fill my list!
Tonight I’m watching Star Trek, drinking wine, knitting, and writing this letter to Santa. The Christmas tree is lit, the candle is burning, and it’s supposed to snow tonight—not much else this girl needs. There is something about this time of year when people start asking what you want for Christmas, and a wish list is created and given. It makes me think about all the things I want, need, and hope for. Of course I want all kinds of fun things, but most of all I hope to bring home a baby. Of course I do, haha! We’ve been waiting to get matched for about a year, so the wait has been trying at times but the anticipation keeps growing.
But enough of that for now… I have been thinking about the things I’d still like to get for me or for the baby, and slowly making a mommy wishlist of sorts. I’d like to share with you a couple of my Instagram favorites and finds. Snuggle Me Organic Is a fabulous infant lounger made by a momma of 7. I’ve already got one! This is great to follow if you love to see adorable baby pictures!!
The Humbles Soles makes adorable leather sandals and shoes. I haven’t got a pair for baby yet, but it is on the wish list! Even if you don’t need shoes, their instagram has beautiful pictures and cute kid fashion.

If you are a future mom, mom of ten, supplier to moms, or anywhere in-between, please share with me your rare-find must-haves!

One Little Word 2018

I’m participating in a yearly class called One Little Word, and I’ve just picked my word for 2018. My word in 2017 is CREATE, and I’ve had a great experience exploring creating in my home and craft life. As I look forward to 2018, I am excited for all the ways MOVE will motivate and inspire me.
Want to join me on the One Little Word journey or find out more about it? Just visit

Christmas Stationary

I’ve been wanting to design some stationary for a while now, and while I don’t have all the artistry skills to make a completed set of products, I realized that I can start the designing process without doing the art myself. I love to find new art that gets my vibe or sense of style, so this set of downloads is starting off to be one of my favorites. I like to document my Decembers inspired by Ali Edwards December Daily, so my first set of designs is perfect for scrapbooking or letter writing.

I’ve included an 8.5×11 and 5×7 sized journaling sheet of letterhead and one 8.5×11 sheet of four 3×4 scrapbooking inserts.

I designed these using bought graphics, and links to the designer stores can be found in the included TOU file.

A Bit About Me

I grew up in Oregon on a grass seed farm. I love the smell of smoke, particularly field burning. My neighbors were my closest friends, and we would often play at our river, avoid skunk families, and climb tractor tires.
I am a “jack if all trades” type of person so I generally can do almost anything well, and nothing perfectly. My favorite college classes were flower arrangement, handbells, pottery, and transcription.
Coffee is one of my love languages, and wine, bread, and butter are all good too.
I married my husband when I was 32, and 5 years later he is still my favorite addition to my life. We have two boys in heaven, Christian and Titus.
We live in Alaska, and boy is it dark and cold in the winter! It’s a fairly fun state though with lots of available outdoor activities. I like snowshoeing and would like to do more of that this winter.
We are so excited to adopt There are so many things about adoption that people like to ask, but I don’t mind answering them. I feel encouraged when people ask about it, because it shows they care. Waiting is hard, and excitement wains sometimes, but being a family of 3 (or more) again is our hope.

Be In Love With Your Life

Sometimes life doesn’t seem so pleasant. We become disappointed with our circumstances or discontent with what we do or don’t have.
The things I have and the situation I’m in does not change who I am in Christ.
Being content is so much of a happier place! It’s amazing how being good stewards of our belongings helps toward being grateful for the things we do have and in turn being content with what we have.
I am so grateful for our church’s ladies book group and the challenge to read Nancy Wilson’s book “Learning Contentment”. It’s fairly easy reading and is so refreshingly Biblically centered. I challenge you to read it also.
Today I’ve been cleaning up the office, organizing, and finding things I’ve lost. I’m looking forward to having a clean space to work from. Also, December is coming and I like to participate in the December Daily Scrapbooking. It’s so fun to look back on the Decembers past and the joy of the season.
I came across this quote this year, and I found myself not liking it because I didn’t like my circumstances at the time. But I’ve found, that God’s plan for my life is something I should be content with. “Be in love with your life. Every minute of it.”

So this happened. Snow!

Yesterday morning we woke up to a light dusting of snow and after snow showers all day we officially have snow.

The season of autumn is already gone and despite my efforts to ignore the looming snow it came anyways.
Really though, why can’t I find candy corn in the grocery stores. Ok, I mean real Brach’s Candy Corn, not Jelly Belly or some other name I don’t recognize. This is a staple food of November, so I’m baffled by my need to hunt for it. #candycornhunt2017
In other news, I made #caramelcorn last night. First time making it and it turned out really yummy. Might have to eat some for breakfast on this chilly Sunday morning.

Five Items for Any Adoption Registry

Adopting a child is so exciting and I’ve heard people are hesitant to create an adoption registry before being matched and waiting for placement. It’s a good idea to shop now for your adopted infant or child, and it can even help you stay excited during the wait. Of course, all adoption situations are different, but here are 5 items that I recommend that are perfect for any infant adoption registry. After all, there are things that every baby will need no matter the gender or age.

Car SeatAdoption Registry Car Seat

If you own a car or plan to ever transport your child, you are going to need a car seat. I’m sure there are huge debates about safety, price, features, and type of car seat so picking one out can be rather a chore or you can make it into an adventure. Personally, I went with safety and price and got the Chicco KeyFit 30, but there are lots of budget-friendly and budget-busting options that you might prefer.(affiliate link) For the researchers: check out ratings and reviews. For the trendsetters: check out celebrity baby blogs. For more advice on picking out a car seat, check out the Pregnant Chicken’s post about finding the best infant car seat.

Adoption Registry CribCrib

Ok, so cribs are a totally personal choice and while I love my white Jenny Lind crib you may love your portable play crib because of the versatility. But, really, the baby is going to have to sleep somewhere so finding that place before you get a baby isn’t such a bad idea. Just like with car seats, there are so many options to choose from. I suggest picking something that gets the job done. Finding something that fits your style, sets a certain vibe, or is handmade are just personal preferences and don’t actually help your baby sleep better. While you’re at it, pick out some crib sheets and a mattress pad. (affiliate link)

Adoption Registry Gift CardsGift Cards

Stocking up on certain baby items like clothes or diapers might not be a great idea if you are adopting because you just don’t know what you’re going to get. All those tiny newborn size diapers and onesies are so cute, but they won’t work if you bring home a 10-pound baby. What will come in handy are gift cards to buy the items you need once you know you need them. Add gift cards to your adoption registry for your favorite places to shop for baby things (like Baby Gap), and hopefully, you’ll have loads of fun shopping. (affiliate link)

Professional Services

I’m totally going to encourage the use of professional services such as house cleaners, meal providers, and even yard service. Feeling overwhelmed after bringing a baby home is probably nothing new. Taking care of the baby might be a top priority, but so many other things don’t get taken care of because all the focus is on the baby. Don’t get me wrong, life goes on and nobody really cares if the lawn gets mowed, but having it done will just give you peace of mind. Adding professional services to your adoption registry is a great idea for the long-distance gift giver, or some of your friends might sign themselves up to provide the service. Having practical needs met after having a baby are some of the best gifts.

Adoption Go BagAdoption Registry Go Bag

Having a small bag of items ready for your baby is super fun to assemble and helps you prepare mentally. Here are some ideas that you can get ready ahead of time by putting them on your registry, and I just put everything in an athletic bag that I can use as a carry-on at the airport. What’s in the bag is totally up to you, but I added a couple gender neutral sleepers and onesies, a baby blanket, pacifier, hair bow if it’s a girl, swaddle, and some cute clothes for pictures or taking the baby home from the hospital (thank you Target clearance section). Personally, I like this part, as it is going to set the vibe for the first couple days with your baby. (affiliate link)

Making an adoption registry can be just as fun as any other registry, so have fun and don’t rush the process! Also, don’t buy anything just because somebody says you should.