Adoption Waiting

Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God. -Corrie Ten Boom

Adoption waiting is hard.

Adoption waiting is hard. It’s downright ugly sometimes. And the little angel on my right shoulder is annoying me, because getting sad and grumpy and frustrated feels so good. Waiting is certainly not fun and it isn’t something we usually enjoy. It’s not something we normally choose for ourselves. But when adoption is chosen, the wait begins. The wait to start a family, or in our case to be a family again, becomes a raw desire. The shortness of life and our value of the time we have left on earth seems to place a precious value on time, so when we have to wait for a child and time keeps passing it feels so wasteful.

Outside influences are plentiful, and everything can somehow remind me of the wait that I’m experiencing. The seasons change, the holidays come and go, and another month without our baby goes by. So many people offer cute little quotes about adoption waiting which only sometimes helps because we know they mean well, and then other days it seems to hit home as though it was the perfect thing for our hearts at that moment.

Adoption waiting is exciting.

Maybe I’m being emotional, but I feel like I’m not. I’m not crying all the time, or talking about our future adoption all the time. But there are so many things that keep me thinking about it. Just knowing that if we got a drop in the lap adoption we would be a family of three as early as tomorrow has me plotting scenarios in the my head and thinking about logistics, who I need to call first, and what am I going to pack.

This waiting for the baby is kinda like waiting for a surprise that I know is coming. I’m being surprised with a baby that I know nothing about. I’m looking forward to this exciting adventure ahead—finding out about the birth mother, what state the baby is from, what kind of music the baby will fall asleep to, and if it will be twins or a boy or a girl. This wait is growing with anticipation, and that is part of why the wait is so hard and seems so long.

So this wait that I’m experiencing is hard because it is exciting. Waiting for God’s blessing in our lives seems even harder because we know we will be blessed. But I am confident that he is finding the perfect baby for our family, and we are just waiting for him/her to be born.

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  1. Jenny, thank you for your honesty and sharing your heart. As a child waits in anticipation of Christmas morning, the waiting is hard because he/she knows there are good things under that tree. You wait for the blessing of a child. What a great gift that will be! God is such a good Father who knows how to give good gifts. We long for and anticipate the day when you will hold another baby in your arms!

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