From Wait to Wait

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From Wait to Wait We’ve been waiting to adopt for quite awhile. While there have been highs and lows during the wait, many travels, and many adventures, we kept wishing we would get a call telling us a baby was on the way and to come as fast as we can. Waiting is hard when it lasts that long. It is so easy to let things slide, not be quite as ready, and become comfortable living in that state of waiting. It can also be stressful, as knowing we need to be available all the time was bit taxing. I stress about having my phone nearby, and the idea being “on call” all the time. So while the wait is good, the wait can be hard for each person.🍃 When that wait changes to a different wait, a wait that has more of a deadline there is more of a sense of urgency. It’s more of a inevitable than that unknown wait. Sure, it will come with it’s own stresses, but the excitement rises. There is also the cautious optimism that sets in and the unknown territory of the adoption process that we just haven’t experienced yet is looming in front of us. There is also the comfort that answered prayers give reminding us again that God is active and he does not forget us.🍃 As a couple, we have made the move to the new wait. We don’t know exactly how long the wait will be, as babies are all unpredictable and may be born early or late. But there is hope that a baby will be home with us before the end of the year. We are excited and cautious and our hearts are growing for not only the baby but also the mother. This new wait is stretching us and teaching us about things we wouldn’t have experienced otherwise, and I’m so grateful to God to all that he has provided for us and the journey of adoption that we are on.🍃 #adoptionwait #fromwaittowait #adoption #gracewithgladness

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